Wednesday, February 7, 2007

An Apology And An Invitation

I am so sorry for not having kept this blog up-to-date throughout the workshop. It was really my intention to share my experiences as they were happening. The class, though, it just took off like crazy somewhere in the second week when we started building masks and working on turns and this left little of the time I find I need when it comes to lining up words properly.

That and I got really distracted by the acrobats.

Yeah, so now there are something like two days left and while I remember so much, it feels like I just got here last night. I know I've changed in so many ways. In terms of seeing theatre, the world, and myself...and I still want to write about what it was that happened, not just to share (although I really do want to share) but also to explore the experience after the fact. As well as to get a clearer idea of where I'm at right now and where I'm going next. Really, for me, these are one and the same thing.

So I wouldn't call this the end of the Clown Blog...More like an early intermission. Or maybe a late one...I'm not too clear on the metaphor...

But speaking of shows, if you're in Toronto (or if you're just super mobile), we're having our Soiree this Saturday @ 8pm. It promises to be a truly intimate show followed by a wild party...It would be really awesome if you could make it!

Plus, it's FREE!

Details @

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